Karron Maidment RN MFT

  I am a Registered Nurse (#425914) and a Marriage and Family Therapist (#41914). I have been working in the field of anxiety, particularly Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) since 1987 in both a clinical and a research setting. For more than two decades I have been the Program Coordinator and a Therapist for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)  OCD Intensive Treatment Program. I was also involved in the UCLA OCD Research Program for 15 years and am author or co-author on over 30 OCD scientific publications.  I have presented extensively on Anxiety and related disorders. This experience has been instrumental in allowing me to maintain a small, but thriving private practice where I can provide the highest degree of expertise in a personal and friendly therapeutic environment.


    I use evidence based therapies in the treatment of anxiety and other emotional problems. These are therapeutic modalities that have been repeatedly shown through research to be effective for specific disorders. At the same time it is essental that therapy be tailored to the special needs of each individual. Every person must feel unique in their own way.

     The mainstay treatment for anxiety and other emotional disreguation problems is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This is a therapy that focuses on the influence of ones' thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 



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